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The Service Team

The Service Team specialise in the provision of heating and plumbing maintenance services for residential and commercial clients throughout Galway.

Our team have over 15 years' of experience in resolving plumbing and heating issues for a diverse range of customers while also offering a complete bathroom renovations service that stands out for its exceptional quality and attention to detail.

All our personnel are OFTEC trained and are qualified to perform oil boiler installations and repairs as well as ongoing maintenance as required. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your specific requirements.

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Oil Boiler Servicing Galway

The OFTEC trained personnel at The Service Team provide a comprehensive range of oil boiler services for commercial and residential clients across Galway.

An annual oil boiler service carried out by a competent technician is the only way to ensure your boiler is operating to its maximum efficiency. Our technicians will guarantee all safety features of your heating system are fitted and operating as intended.

Our services include:

  • Oil boiler repairs

  • Oil boiler replacement

  • Oil boiler commissioning

  • Oil boiler servicing

Whether you need an oil boiler replacement or you are looking to upgrade your existing systems, The Service Team have the skills and expertise you require to install and repair a wide range of leading brand name oil boilers.

We complete every installation and repair service in accordance with the highest safety and professional standards. Get in touch with us to arrange a call-out service to your Galway property.

Galway Plumbing Services

Are you looking for a plumber Galway based service? The Service Team offer high-quality Galway plumbing services to domestic and commercial clients.

Whether you are looking to complete a bathroom refurbishment or repair burst pipes, our team of highly experienced and trained professionals will be on hand to respond to your queries.

Our plumbing and bathroom renovation services include:

  • Boiler installation

  • Boiler servicing

  • Boiler repairs

  • Oil tank renewal service

  • Shower installations

  • Pump installation

  • Heating system power flushing

  • Heating systems

  • Plumbing repairs

We aim to resolve all plumbing issues as efficiently as possible in order to restore peace of mind to our customers at their private home or place of work.

Clients who are looking to complete a bathroom renovations project can expect a comprehensive service that is designed around their exact requirements in order to deliver bathroom makeovers that complement and enhance existing and new properties.

Plumbing Reports

At The Service Team, we offer inspection reports for all aspects of plumbing and heating, from pre-purchase plumbing reports to insurance claims.

Our plumbing reports involve the use of state of the art non-invasive detection technology which enables us to target the exact cause of plumbing problems and faults. We will provide a tailored report to suit your specific needs.

If you are preparing to purchase a new home or sell a property, please get in touch with us to arrange a pre-purchase plumbing and heating inspection report.

Checking The Plumbing Before Buying A Property

As an expert plumbing company with years of experience, we would always advise potential homeowners to carry out detailed assessments of the property’s plumbing before purchase.

Having the plumbing assessed can make a huge difference as it could save you thousands of euro later on down the line.

Our qualified plumbers, engineers and tradesmen have plenty of experience in carrying out plumbing surveys for both residential and commercial properties.

Save Money And Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

Homeowners may wish to plan and budget in advance before completing plumbing repairs or fixing problems with pipework.

By carrying out a pre-purchase property survey, you are likely to avoid large plumbing problems from occurring in the future.

This tends to happen when smaller issues are brought to light and dealt with before they progress into more severe obstacles.

At The Service Team, we recommend a pro-active approach that will protect households from having to use an emergency callout service for bigger repairs.

It may also help you to negotiate a fairer price for the property if extensive plumbing work needs to be carried out.

What property owners can expect from a plumbing survey

Often, visual surveys can take around three hours to complete on site. A pre purchase plumbing inspection visually investigates all the plumbing fixtures inside the home such as taps, toilets, water services, waste pipes, water pressure, sinks and heating systems. While outside we inspect all sewer connections visible through access junctions, soil pipes and water meters.

After an inspection of your home, one of our highly qualified plumbers will be able to provide you with a detailed report for the quality of plumbing in each room.
Alongside this, we will include our professional opinion for potential plumbing works that need to be acted on.
We will always provide you with a free quote for the work required, which will supply you with an honest price that details each step of the project.

Book a pre purchase plumbing inspection with The Service Team and we will provide a detailed report on your plumbing and heating system.
A standard pre purchase plumbing inspection includes a full visual inspection, with photographs & report of the plumbing fixtures inside & outside the home, using the expertise of the experienced plumber.

Report Includes

  • Condition of all taps & toilet fixtures

  • Condition of water services to all taps & toilets

  • Water pressure

  • Water efficiency of existing utilities

  • Heating system details such as condition of the existing heat source

  • Hot water system details such as condition, age & fittings

Brands we use/service

Oil Boilers:


Maintenance plumbing fittings we use:



Materials supplied by The Service Team are charged at cost plus 20%


Our rates are as follows:

• Fixed price work (Monday – Friday, 7am-7pm)

• Call-out fee - €80
• Oil Boiler Service - €100
• Includes replacement of nozzle and one flexible oil line
• Power Flushing - €450
• Includes chemicals (up to 8 radiators) €50 per additional radiator
• Domestic pre-purchase plumbing report - €300
• Includes photographic report

Hourly rates (Monday-Friday 7am-7pm)

€60 per hour after call out charge.

The majority of plumbing call outs are rectified within 2 hours. The plumber will initially isolate the problem and discuss options with the homeowner if required. If the job requires more time, then the plumber will provide a written quote.

Company Charges

Our charges are straightforward and transparent. We apply a call out charge for all investigation and repair work. The call out charge covers the first hour of labour, thereafter work is charges in 30-minute increments. All rates exclude materials and are subject to VAT


Payment is due in full on completion of any work carried out. We accept payment via bank transfer, cheque, credit card, debit card and cash

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am looking for an oil boiler service near me. What is your catchment area?

    The Service Team are available to serve commercial and residential clients throughout the Galway region for all requirements in relation to boilers. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

  • How much does an oil boiler service cost?

    An annual service will cost €100 and includes the replacement of the nozzle. Any extra parts will be discussed with the client prior to installation. Please note, if your oil boiler is not working correctly, we will not be able to service it, the oil boiler will need to be repaired first.

  • Do you offer an emergency call-out service?

    No. The Service Team do not provide a 24/7 emergency service. If you have any concerns about your plumbing or boilers, please contact our team and we will address the issue as soon as we can.

  • How much does a pre-purchase plumbing and heating inspection report cost?

    Pricing will vary depending on the size of the property. We strongly recommend that prospective and existing property owners arrange an inspection report as a precautionary measure before buying or selling any property. This service will help you detect issues before it is too late and allow you to avoid costly plumbing repairs that you were previously unaware of.


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